Our salsa inspired by my Mama’s original recipes. We sauté fresh tomatoes to create our Mama’s Medium Recipe. Roast bell peppers over an open flame to make a unique smoky flavor called Camp Fire Roasted. Tomatillo Avocado is made with the ripest avocados

3 Sons Salsa

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We purchased the Tomatillo Avocado Salsa on Saturday at the Farmer's Market and we LOVE it!! Enjoying it on some homemade Tamales tonight and it's perfect!! 

Amanda S.

Chips are so light and crispy!! Salsa is so good ... I had chips and salsa for breakfast!!!

Angela F.

SO good !!! We bought 3 jars at a festival and within 3 days my family ( ok mostly myself ) MOWED it all down. Wish we were closer I would buy it every week !!
Candied jalapeños were so good ... best I’ve ever had. my fav

Janny C.

I had a dream about your Camp Fire Roasted Salsa last night. Best. Dream. Ever. 

E. Hinton

The 3 Son’s Salsa Story

What is our story?? Well, I have 3 sons and a husband to feed. Like most working moms, I needed fast recipes. Mountain of Nachos, Taco Tuesday, Breakfast Taquitos… are you seeing a trend here?! We are a house that can’t allow for a void on the Salsa Shelf in the refrigerator. 

I have always loved salsa. I was blessed to enjoy my Mama’s Medium Salsa as a kid. She lovingly tossed fresh tomatoes, spicy onions, jalapenos, and cilantro into the blender on a limited basis! My mom could make a meal from very little and often had to, so when she had the means to have all the fixins’ for salsa, it was a special meal. 

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