Our Community Give Back

I have been blessed to be a blessing. 

3 Sons Salsa's Community Give Back is to support and encourage our local Fire Stations. My boys and I take Party Packs, thank you notes, stickers, salsa, chips, and kind words of appreciation to the men and women that fight fires, direct traffic during accidents, save people from unfortunate events, and much more. 

*We do not always take pictures. We do not always post when and where we go. But Every dollar that is added to our Red Jar is added to an envelope that helps me purchase salsa, queso, chips, and gas for dropping these gifts to Firefighters, ambulance drivers, even nurses, and doctors. 

I have had a few customers request specific stations or hospitals to be visited and I always honor those request. I have also taken opportunities to give to folks that happen to be helping close to me or in the area of the farmers markets I work. The following is a list of just a few places that my family and I have visited:  

Irving, Texas 
Haltom City, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas
Denton Medical City
Frisco, Texas
Fulton, Texas Coast