3 Son’s Salsa Story

 What is our story?? Well, I have 3 sons and a husband to feed. Like most working moms, I needed fast recipes. Mountain of Nachos, Taco Tuesday, Breakfast Taquitos… are you seeing a trend here?! We are a house that can’t allow for a void on the Salsa Shelf in the refrigerator. 

I have always loved salsa. I was blessed to enjoy my Mama’s Medium Salsa as a kid. She lovingly tossed fresh tomatoes, spicy onions, jalapenos, and cilantro into the blender on a limited basis! My mom could make a meal from very little and often had to, so when she had the means to have all the fixins’ for salsa, it was a special meal. 

3 Sons Salsa is a company that is a real, living example of a Childhood Dream Come True. I am a mom that has the privilege of serving you the best chips and salsa I have ever had. We are eager to get the delightfully, crunchy chips and fresh made salsa to your home! My recipes are close to the ones my sisters and I had as a kid. 

This business was founded on a simple principal: Feed people quality, locally made food prepared with fresh ingredients.