City Slicker Queso

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Medium Heat

W A R M 


Medium to WARM white queso with caramelized onions, Serrano Peppers, and unique blend of seasonings. This queso should delight any city slicker.

Warm and Creamy!
Making no apologies for the strong flavor that promises to lift up every chip, this is the newest addition to our Dip Family. This Queso Blanco will add a special element as it sits on the table or added to a Stuffed Chile Relleno.  

  • Rich, Creamy Queso
  • Smooth Natural Ingredients
  • Real Cheese
  • Whole Pieces of Tomatoes and Peppers in Each Bite

Abbreviated Ingredients:
Cheese sauce, water, nonfat milk, cheddar cheese, butter oil, modified food starch, mushrooms,  tomatoes with juice, water, chopped green chili peppers, sliced jalapenos peppers, vinegar  

Our Newest Flavor is making a Huge Impact!