Salsa Utensils (Corn Chips)

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Best Chips Ever! You will judge all other chips by the crunch of our chips. WHY !? Truly crispy chips made with Stone Ground, White Corn. These are edible spoons, or shovels in some cases, to get the salsa and queso into your mouth!  Made with zero animal lard or grease… but instead with purified, cottonseed oil. Reap the reward of compliments as they ask, ‘Where did you find these?!’

  • MSG Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Fluffy and Crispy
  • Vegan
  • Always Made Just a Few Days Before They Are Sent

Mountain of Nachos is the quickest and tastiest meal I have ever put on the menu for my boys. This crowd-pleaser is the best way for everyone to get their favorite toppings, saves on dishes, and can make great use of that leftover hamburger meat. You're welcome busy people, trying to feed your masses. ;-)

You will judge all other chips by the tasty, light crunch of these chips! We love our chips and so will you.  

Disclaimer: While we do hope these chips get to you in the Big Fat Triangles that we design *AND* have spent excessive amounts of time choosing shipping devices...we are not responsible for any chip breakage that may, or may not happen as this precious cargo travels the country to get to your door.