Party Pack| Spicy Side

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Want to make 'em sweat? Send spicy salsa and chips. There is something to be said about the picky uncle that is hard to shop for... Solution? Two jars filled with Special Spicy Flavors that may not burn his face off but will definitely push him to give you a call. 

Our Extreme Kettle Queso is creamy, steamy goodness and Tomillio Avocado is also no joke! Serious Salsa Peeps only, for this combo... You've been warned.  

  • Send this set.
  • We recommend a glass of milk or sour cream be present.
  • They won't forget this combo.

Chips to boot! We add a 1lb bag of the best chips you will ever hold in your hands. The crunch in every chip will be unforgettable. Not made with lard or grease, they are light and crispy, y'all!

Hot enough to create a memory without burning anyone's face off!